Personal brand and working lifestyle shoot in Hertfordshire with Annie from Coco Grey Jewellery

It was way back in late 2020 when the gorgeous Annie from Coco Grey Jewellery reached out to me about taking some brand photos for her website and social media that would showcase who she is, what she does and how amazing her jewellery is. Annie makes stunning gold and silver jewellery in her workshop, both bespoke commissions and stock which is for sale on her website. Her style is inspired by mother nature and she incorporates a lot of her interests and personality into what she makes. As she puts it 'I simply make the jewellery that I want to wear!' I myself have several pieces by Annie and they are of such beautiful quality and finish, I can highly recommend her work!

Our shoot started at Annie's home and we began by capturing some images of her at work creating some gorgeous bespoke pieces in her workshop. She did some carving of wax for casting, some hammering, some melting of metal with a blowtorch (I stood well back!) and polishing of finished pieces too. It was so interesting to see the process and one of many reasons that I love working with small businesses like Annie's - to see their craft in action!

After the working lifestyle images we headed outside to capture some shots of Annie herself. She was nervous in front of the camera but soon got into it and we got some great shots of her in some beautiful light. We kept the backdrops monotone as Annie loves the colour black, and to fit with her edgier and more alternative style. I also made sure to capture her jewellery that she was wearing, as well as her gorgeous tattoos which really communicate her personality and style through the imagery she can now use on her website.

I had so much fun photographing Annie and I can't wait to work with her again!

You can check out Annie's work online here:

Website -

Instagram -

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