Hello, I'm Becky!

About Me

A big hello from me and thank you so much for popping round to my little corner of the internet. My name is Becky, and I'm a Hertfordshire brand photographer based in Welwyn Garden City.

I live here with my software developer other half Pete, our two kids, and a small tiger (actually a large striped ginger cat that likes to bite) called Bernard.

I've lived in the area since 2015, after moving out from London, and started my other photography business in the same year (you can find my wedding and family photography here), entering the wild world of self employment and solo entrepreneurship. I was immediately struck by the wide variety of other small businesses and entrepreneurs based in the county, and met many through networking events.

Brand Photographer Becky Harley Creative smiling at camera

I absolutely love meeting new people and discovering new and exciting businesses, and really feed off the passion people have for their own work and businesses that they have grown from the ground up. I've been there, and I still am there, running my own business, and I truly love to help others grow and thrive by creating beautiful content to show themselves and their products off to the world. It's incredible how much a beautiful set of imagery can truly transform a website or a social media feed, and really elevate a brand to showcase not only products, but also feelings, ethos and values.

I am passionate about environmental issues and try really hard to ensure that my business and my life in general are as eco friendly as possible, which is a really important element of my business, my brand and my lifestyle. I particularly love working with other business and entrepreneurs who share the same values.

In my spare time (ha - I have two kids, so that basically equates to the 30 minute window between getting them to bed and dropping from sheer exhaustion myself) I enjoy crafting, gin, reading, cooking and a good old box set binge. I also teach a Kettlercise class once a week, which I love!

"No one is you, and that is your power."

—Dave Grohl

'But I hate having my photo taken!'

My approach

As a photographer, I am very used to working with people who 'hate having their photo taken' or 'look awful in front of the camera'. Honestly I would say that 90% of my clients say this to me. Part of my aim with my personal branding photography is to help build your confidence, and show you how amazing that you can, and do look when captured as your true, authentic self. I know being in front of the camera is scary (I find it scary too!) but letting go of your inner narrative that tells you 'no!' is the first step to unlocking an incredibly affirming confidence that will help sky rocket your business. You are your business's most important asset, and it's so important to show up authentically and show your audience the real you.

Brand Photographer Becky Harley Creative standing by colourful wall of graffiti smiling and looking to right